Your Weekly Awesome

“Your Weekly Awesome” is a chance for me to share with you something, well, awesome! Whether that’s something cool I’ve found that will make you feel good, a health tip that could make a difference, or a way to celebrate yourself, take a moment of awesomeness with me.

This week’s awesome:

Sit and do nothing.

If you’re like me and you’re doing your best to just kill it 24/7, a moment of stillness is a beautiful and super productive thing.

Whether you’re sitting at a bus stop, or at home in front of your computer, turns thing off and take a moment to be still. Don’t plan, just sit. How long you need depends on you and your day. I am always trying to plan ahead and keep myself busy and entertained, but my best ideas come to me when I put down the book and just let my mind be itself. It’s in you – go look!