Your Weekly Awesome

I drew up a quick handout for my clients of non-food rewards, and came across an interesting idea that I wanted to unpack a bit.

This week’s awesome:

Rewarding yourself by helping others

Volunteering is something that is always on my To Do list, but being organized enough to fit it in is difficult. I consider anything from a small act of kindness to a formal day of volunteering at a local non-profit to be extremely rewarding – more so than any treat I might buy from a coffee shop – and I have a feeling that many of you would agree.

Even if you agree, you may find it difficult to honestly see “volunteering” as a potential reward at the end of a journey to lose 10 pounds, for example. Consider this: people who undertake a major weightloss transformation often find themselves in the same position at the end of it – wanting to pass on the torch and help others go through the same journey. It’s when you’ve established a system to manage your own health that you’re in the best position to help others. Hitting your “10 pound mark” and rewarding yourself by helping others is an indicator that you’ve got things on lock.

It doesn’t take much to brighten someone’s day. What’s your favourite method?