Who to Follow for an Awesome 2017

I’ve been promising this for a while, so here it is: the list of some of my favourite people to follow on social media for healthy, happy, and educated FITNESS! The people and things with which you surround yourself are going to impact how you think and how you live your life. Be mindful of what you pay attention to, what kind of self-talk you have, and whether you’re aiming high enough. These aren’t necessarily the best lifters, but people I am drawn to watching for one reason or another.

Most of these are Instagram, with a few Facebooks peppered in there 🙂 Check them out, take what you like!

Let’s start with The Badasses! These are people I follow because they make my jaw drop, and inspire me to be more:
Lindsay Hilton (@lahltn) for mind blowing adaptive fitness (Crossfit)
Kortney Olson (@kortney_olson) who also runs Grrrl (@grrrl_clothing) for in your face, feminist, body positivity
Stephanie Tomlinson (@_the_kraken_), just for being funny, and crass, and unappologetic
Bernabe Chaves (@conquerante), aggressive 69kg weightlifter from Ecuador
Leidy Solis (@leidysolis69kg), another 69kg weightlifter from Columbia – girl can scream!

The Weightlifters (Olympic lifting):
Morghan King (@kingmorghan), 48kg Team USA weightlifter
Stefanie Cohen (@steficohen), hybrid (oly/powerlifting) athlete
Lewis Orzech (@lewis_orzech), up and coming local (Ottawa) weightlifter, 85kg Jr.
Aleksey Torokhtiy (@torokhtiy) 105kg Ukranian weightlifter, Gold at 2012 olympics
Girls Who Weightlift (@girlswhoweightlift) to get a sense of what’s out there (technique not always endorsed!)
Ma Strength (@mastrength) for Chinese Weightlifting techniques and some amazing feats of strength
Weightlifting Pls (@weightliftingpls) for inside jokes, memes, and other ridiculousness

The Powerlifters:
Heather Connor (@stayfit_with_heather), 47kg class Team USA with a fun attitude
Payal Ghosh (pghosh2), 47kg US lifter with a massive deadlift
Isabella von Weissenberg (@ivweissenberg), 72kg world level lifter
Sara Cowan (@saracowan), 84kg 2016 IPF Junior Raw World Champ (Canadian!)
Adam Ramzy (@arramzy), phenomenal Canadian powerlifter
Josh Reyes (@iamjoshreyes), local (Ottawa) powerlifter, part of the LVD crew (@lvdfitness)
Kelly Branton (@great_white_north_juggernaut), massive Canadian powerlifter
Girls Who Powerlift (@girlswhopowerlift) to get a sense of what’s out there (technique not always endorsed!)
USA Youth Powerlifting (@usayouthpowerlifting) to see some kids getting involved!

The Movement Educators:
Jason Ingham (@bringitdaily), personal trainer with content on movement, nutrition, and attitude that is simple and effective for PTs and laymen
Freyja Spence (@f_spence), DTS instructor, and Darby Training Systems (@dts_edu) for fitness professionals education
Shawn Mozen (@shawnmozen) and Agatsu Fitness (@agatsufitness) for kettlebell, mace, gymnastics, and general body fun
James Lu (@lustrengththerapy), mainly focusing on common pains and imbalances for weightlifters
Quinn Henoch (@quinn.henochdpt) and ClinicalAthlete (@clinicalathlete), health care pros talking common issues and fixes for athletes

The Healthy Mindsets:
BirthFit (@birthfit) for pre- and post-partum training etc.
Megan Jayne Crabbe (@bodyposipanda) for all things body-positive
Erin Brown (on Facebook) for self-love, mental health, finding strength after trauma, parenting, and feminism
The Moderation Movement (on Facebook), talking about healthy eating and mental states towards food and fitness
Jessi Kneeland (on Facebook) for self-acceptable and body-positivity, with real, actionable advice

Other Inspirations:
Liz Gleadle (@javelizz), Canadian javelin Olympian
Tiffany Jane (@titojane) for flawless pole dance with grace and strength

And of course, you can follow me on Insta @ilikeitalexa, on Facebook at Alexa Rochford Fitness, and if you’re a local female: join the Ottawa Women’s Lifting and Social group on Facebook for discussion, lifting buddies, and monthly workshops.

<3 Happy 2017.