Your Weekly Awesome

Quick thought:

Whatever you want your body to look like, go for it.

I hope that what you choose to do in the realm of health and fitness is good for your well-being, but if you are a person who wants to have massive muscles: GO FOR IT. If you want your body to be the best it can be for shot put, or hockey, or aerial silks, go for it – whatever shape that may take.

This amazing photos series is by Howard Shatz

Nobody else gets to have a say on the direction of your life unless you choose to let them. If someone at a gym or elsewhere tells you not to do what you’ve decided you want after deliberate thought, you don’t need to accommodate them. In fact, please call them out and continue to follow your path in their presence, so that they realise that it’s not up to them. It’s still too often that men in gym environments will tell women not to “get too big.” It’s happened to me (and if you’ve met me, I am nowhere near big, and was a new lifter at the time, so this doesn’t have anything to do with being far off from the norm), and I still hear about it happening to women around me. I implore you to tell those people that they are not granted a say in your decisions, and that trying to enforce their will on a others is offensive. And I implore you to take up space, make noise, and be seen doing what you love and what you will – whatever you purposefully have chosen to do with careful thought.

Women don’t lift in the free-weight section of most gyms because there aren’t any women lifting there.

They’ve told me this again and again. I’m sorry if you have to be an uncomfortable minority in this scenario, but if you’ve decided that lifting free weights is a part of your path, get in there. Whether you are a 15-year old shot putter, or a 55 year old overweight woman, that space was made for you.

(Keep in mind that this goes both ways! If someone’s physique is not to your personal taste, sharing that thought with a friend – or even entertaining that thought in your head – does not make the world a better place. <3 )