Your best life is yours to live.

Workouts designed for your body and fitness level. Personalized training that's built just for you.

Fitness, to me, is the practice of aligning your day-to-day lifestyle to your list of values, and keeping health near the top of that list.

Feeling amazing and having a sense of ease to your day requires the balance of many categories: physical strength, mental fortitude, nutrition that fits, playfulness… the recipe needs to be worked out for each individual.

A year of private training starts with laying a foundation of comfortable movement and body awareness. On top of that, we steadily and gradually build strength, confidence, healthy habits, self-esteem, empowerment, and understanding of how exercise and the human body really work. And the result has nothing to do with looking a certain way, but everything to do with being the person you are made to be.

about alexa

Welcome to your best life.


  • Agatsu Strength and Speed
  • Exercise Therapist Level 2
  • Resistance Training Specialist 123
  • DTS Competitive Olympic Lifting Coach
  • DTS Power Club Coach
  • HumanKinetics - Science and Development of Muscle Hypertrophy
  • TRX R4 Team Coach
  • Canfitpro PTS and GLPTI certified


  • Canfitpro PTS and GLPTI certified
  • Olympic Lifting and Crossfit Competitor
  • Pole Fitness Competitor, CPFA and PSO
  • Extensive dance experience: ballet, jazz, tap and ballroom

Services Offered

Private Training

Unlock your power with custom, in-person workouts 2-5 times per week. I train all people, with all goals, and help you to fit fitness into your life. My consultations and training are trans-friendly, open to those differently-abled, and a safe space for those with mental-health goals.

Group Training

Being on a team is a fun way to learn how to gym, keep accountable with a steady class time, or make fit friends. From cardio Bootcamps, to my intensive Strength Camp powerlifting course, to a custom corporate class for your work-force – join an existing class, or reach out to request something fresh.

Competition Handling

Interested in competing in a powerlifting meet, but don’t want to go it alone? Having a handler can make your first comp much more successful! If you’ve already got your squat/bench/deadlift skills down, I offer meet-day handling in Ottawa with a custom prep document so you feel calm and ready to crush it.

what people say


Alexa has been so supportive during my introduction to training. Her inclusive approach has helped me to be more confident in facing challenges in and out of the gym.
Molly L.
Alexa is a fantastic trainer, coach, roll model, person and heavily invests herself in the well-being and success of her clients. I will be a client of hers for life because I am confident that with her help I will achieve my health and fitness goals now and 30 years from now.
Matt Holland
Working with Alexa really gave me an appreciation for how to take care of my body and to feel confident in the gym. She's engaged with me not only on training matters, but also on how to deal with life's many challenges. I truly believe she has had and continue to have a positive and lasting impact on me and my overall health well beyond the exercise!
Jean-Francois A.
alexa in action
in the centre of the city

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